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I think its looking better
Nothing that wouldnt leave me with a big debt and I dont earn that much that I want to put all my free pennies into medical bills. But in 3 months I can. I didnt take any OTC yesterday so I think the worst of its healed. Whatever is wrong with it I think they would have to cut it again to repair it. I donno what to do.....

: The fact that you have bruising after this long concerns me. Is there some sort of college clinic or something you can go to?
: : I took photos of my arm since I cant see it well. Ironically, the bruising is at my elbow and under my wrist, not where the guard ends. So I am beginning to think it twisted now and it wasnt damaged by the wrist guard. Maybe the wrist guard saved my arm from more damage, I dont know. I think the bone is straight but thats as far out as I can twist my forarm so I cant get my hand rotated. I think I should try to move it to get more motion? Sorry its gross looking. I'm losing my muscle in my forarm. I would like to try to move it so it doesnt get any skinnier. Its been 3 1/2 weeks. Think I should try to move it or keep it wrapped still?
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