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h.ludi. (pictures by h.ludi.)
: : I took photos of my arm since I cant see it well. Ironically, the bruising is at my elbow and under my wrist, not where the guard ends. So I am beginning to think it twisted now and it wasnt damaged by the wrist guard. Maybe the wrist guard saved my arm from more damage, I dont know. I think the bone is straight but thats as far out as I can twist my forarm so I cant get my hand rotated. I think I should try to move it to get more motion? Sorry its gross looking. I'm losing my muscle in my forarm. I would like to try to move it so it doesnt get any skinnier. Its been 3 1/2 weeks. Think I should try to move it or keep it wrapped still?
: didnt send....

your health is paramount. my advice would be to have it seen to sooner rather than later. can you rotate your hand at all? it does look better now.
on the bright side you could become a freemason, youd be right with the funny handshakes.
if you could get to oz , we could put you up , theres lots of work here too cos our economy is booming.
cheers for now, h .
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