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: : : I took photos of my arm since I cant see it well. Ironically, the bruising is at my elbow and under my wrist, not where the guard ends. So I am beginning to think it twisted now and it wasnt damaged by the wrist guard. Maybe the wrist guard saved my arm from more damage, I dont know. I think the bone is straight but thats as far out as I can twist my forarm so I cant get my hand rotated. I think I should try to move it to get more motion? Sorry its gross looking. I'm losing my muscle in my forarm. I would like to try to move it so it doesnt get any skinnier. Its been 3 1/2 weeks. Think I should try to move it or keep it wrapped still?
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: : didnt send....
: your health is paramount. my advice would be to have it seen to sooner rather than later. can you rotate your hand at all? it does look better now.
: on the bright side you could become a freemason, youd be right with the funny handshakes.
: if you could get to oz , we could put you up , theres lots of work here too cos our economy is booming.
: cheers for now, h .

I am going to call to see how low a payment I can make a month. I dont want to be disabled. Being tiny is enough of a limitation. I hope I dont lose my apartment and my bunnies and piggies. That would rip me up! What pisses me off is that IF I didnt work at all and were single and had a lot of kids, I would get everything almost free. So why SHOULD these people work? I can rotate it inward, but outwards just to a handshake. I cant rotate it palms up to the ceiling, just palms down so 90 degrees I cant move it. Cant decide to live with it and hope for the best, wait, or lose everything.
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