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Rollerskater hand
: And another one from the popular series "roller skater hands". Boys and girls, take care.

I hope to have some "fixed" up pics soon too, no matter what metal is in it. I hope my insurance papers were all ok and I get the news soon and can get it taken care of. I'm worried that something may go wrong with that. Work is ok with me getting it taken care of and if I need days off or need rest when I return, they just need me there. I work at an incredible place now. I hope all is healing well for you and you are back to rolling soon. I am having a good vew-do board session then I will roll in the kitchen a bit tonight. I want to skate so bad! I almost took a chair with wheels today at work to run it down the warehouse, jump on it and do a few spins lol. I havent grown up yet!
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