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Rollerskater hand
: : : oh ky god! bernhard, that's your hand! is that new? i didn't know about it, sorry.
: :
: : Happenend on Mai 29. I suspected it could be something serious when I couldn't drive my motorbike back home.
: :
: : : How are you? are you ok? i hope so.
: :
: : I'm fine. The doctors said that the fractures are quite unproblematic abd sould heal well. They bolted one with a titanium plate in order that I can start early with physiotherarpy (started yesterday). In this way the hand won't be completely stiff when the cast isn't needed any more. I also told them to be careful because I want to be able to play my guitar again.
: B, how are you managing to not skate or ride your moto. I'd be like Claudine...wanting to claw my eyes out. Get well quickly, so you can roll again.

I'm outta eyes. I'm going to the rink tomorrow. If my bf cancels, he will spend the night at work cause I wont pick him up lol. If something goes wrong and I dont get the insurance July 1, think this would do me?

Except the circumference of my right forearm is like 5" now (crap!) so I would need an XS or XXS. I cant find kiddie ones. But I'm sure I will come up with something and somehow skate safely again. I'm really dying here!! I have all this energy and no release, I'm miserable. I feel like I'm in a jail cell and I cant breathe.
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