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Rollerskater hand
Recover fast and smoothly Daniel!!! Hope you can keep the titanium plate once they remove it: Titanium shoud be ideal on the gring plate!!!!


: : : : oh ky god! bernhard, that's your hand! is that new? i didn't know about it, sorry.
: : :
: : : Happenend on Mai 29. I suspected it could be something serious when I couldn't drive my motorbike back home.
: : :
: : : : How are you? are you ok? i hope so.
: : :
: : : I'm fine. The doctors said that the fractures are quite unproblematic abd sould heal well. They bolted one with a titanium plate in order that I can start early with physiotherarpy (started yesterday). In this way the hand won't be completely stiff when the cast isn't needed any more. I also told them to be careful because I want to be able to play my guitar again.
: :
: : B, how are you managing to not skate or ride your moto. I'd be like Claudine...wanting to claw my eyes out. Get well quickly, so you can roll again.
: I try to accept the inevitable and to make the best of the situation. Yesterday I have been jogging for the first time since my injury (the weather wasn't really good for outdoor activities recently). And no, I won't try any stupid things with my eyes. ;-)
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