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D-mare session ;-)
: : Its not butter, its wax. The inliners do this crap all the time and ruin the ramps and bowls for the rest of us. They cant grind without cheating.
: Most of the time, they can't grind at all. You grind with metal, not with plastics.
: And yes: Inliners waxing ramps is the biggest annoyance there is in sk8ing.

I know that they dont grind but dont tell them that lol. They ruined the big bowl for a bit and then they wonder why the boarders have issues with them???? My boyfriend spent many hours scrapping the wax out. They put wax on thier freaking wheels trying to look like pros or some crap like that. I say learn to skate properly and keep everyone safe. If you cant slide far or go fast enough, tuff. some of us like to stay in one piece!
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