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zorg (videos by zorg) (pictures by zorg)
D-mare session ;-)
Thanks Robert and Irene!! Seems mizou to me too, but for some references, mizou is frontside, like a kindgrind in reverse direction, so still some questions. Well whatever the name, I'm happy if you try it and like it Robert!!
Sure Irene, approach and landing are half the trick!!

found again some nice animations to "define" some tricks:



: : Thanks for sharing bro. You just gave me a new trick to try on the mini. It's funny how the new inliners think they are so much more aggro than us quad skaters. They fail to realize most of us did it way before them and invented the tricks they now do. Most of us also stopped inlining so that we could go back to our oldschool roots.
: :
: : : : Funny, I can to that grind on curbs on inlines, but when I try it on my rollersk8s, I get mixed up. I think it's because I try it sidestance on miniramps. The approach is different. I think bladers call it a "Mizzoo" (sp?)
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