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D-mare session ;-)
Thanks for sharing bro. You just gave me a new trick to try on the mini. It's funny how the new inliners think they are so much more aggro than us quad skaters. They fail to realize most of us did it way before them and invented the tricks they now do. Most of us also stopped inlining so that we could go back to our oldschool roots.

: : Couldn't resist from my last session:
: :
: : "With a perfect blue skie, I planned to go skating on my nearby ramp, aka Bures sur Yvette. So I went there as usual, starting with cleanning the ramp as usual, then I put my skate and protecs, finishing by my whrist guards.....Damned, forgot them at home... So I pack everything, go back home, take the damned whrist gards, come back to the ramp, pad up again full armor this time: ahaha, that's it, I'm ready to skate!!! Start to pump up, ouch!!! why are my skates so slippery .... go down, I touch the ramp and dang, spots of grease (butter may be?), too many of them to be removed: end of session.....exactly like some of my soft nightmares (on hard ones, w(h)ell the ones I can told here, I fall hard from 10m miss airs...)
: : So I pack everything for the second time, and driving back home, thinking about this sunny day without skating, humm, why not trying Guyancourt ramp, I've not tested it yet, only seen it once a rainny day: it's wide, not very high, 15min driving, perfect to try long long slides without the fear of vert!!!! So finally it worked out!!!!
: : So finally, a perfect 2.5h good session (after cleaning again a ramp...from dust and cherry cores)"
: :
: : Cheers!!!
: :
: : PS: Posted with other reports on
: Excellent rolling, I esp enjoyed the sound....
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