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Im so happy!!!!!
They gave me crazy good drugs so I cracked them all up big time saying Im so happy, woo-hoo. weee (wheel chair ya know lol). They were so happy to see me glow. no pain so far, have a donor bone (graft) and 2 plates now. i think he did an amazing job! i knew i was ok when my nurse had froggies w/ rollerskates on her shirt wh/ made me smile. Dr smiling after surgery. fully awake 1 1/2 mins. post surgery. BF here to take care of me, got out of overnight job. Now i am not dying of thirst. That was worst part actually lol. now have a splint wh/ was put on so i can work, move my hand. In 10 days cast for 6 weeks then PT. i have a feeling i wont do bowls til spring tho. :`( But it has to heal and new insurance in 3 months wh/ might not cover it if i rehurt it. got a ride to work next week. everything i hope is covered. thanks for letting me talk & being supportive. most would not want to hear. helped me a lot! I will b ok now and I am soooo freakin happy now! overcomin fear/obsticals is such an amazing feeling. Hope no infections and the new bone takes. IM SO HAPYY!!!!! all weekend to rest. Starting to feel hand, 2 hr surgery. I can now overcome anything. Next year handplant, just watch. Stubborn german here. :-D woo-hoo, life will be GOOD again! Bernhard, u r so amazing to let me share the not so good too. its like vert, facing fear and shinig with a big smile in the end. Debts will be paid.
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