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Im so happy!!!!!
Wow not much pain unless i try to move my fingers. still a touch of numbness thouh. Im supposed to rest all day but sooo bored already lol. the splint feels snug so a little swelling i guess. I wish i had more super happy drugs like yesterday lol. i was a hoot! So Robert how long before you were healed enough to skate the bowls? I will just carve, take it slow, listen to drs. So bored, can all me and entertain me if you wish at 301-740-3252, happy to be on my way to health again. hope i can move my fingers more by monday, shoild be ok to work, just slow and more breaks i guess.

: Nice to hear you are on your way to recovery. The first two weeks may be tough, but the rest is easy sailing. You don't have to do handplants to have fun. Take it slow once you are back and just enjoy carving and the stoke you get while skating.
: : Realy crazy good drugs I recon.Good to see your getting looked after at last.Take it easy.
: :
: : cheers joe
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