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Im so happy!!!!!
The pain pills i have now arent the happy pills, darn, i was so happy, happy, happy, happy rofl!!! Everyone was cracking up. Pills dont help too much tho, says 1-2, taking 2 now cause getting bad stabbing pains this afternoon. It hurts more now then the 1st time.

Im bored, wish i had cable now.. it will be a long while til i skate bowls again. new insurance will mean pre-existing condition. so it has to be 100% :`( i want to collect photos of all the s8rs here soon and start oil painting again, a triptic, aboout 4' x 6' painting. i love to paint and its been awhile cause of classes. i want to ride my bike first, layrt skateboard. i just told them i fell in an empty pool. i didnt thin sk8n would go over well. i said i like to do gymnastics again lol. Close enough! i might save up for that plastic forearm support i posted awhile ago. im scared. i need to save up for pro-designed standard elbows and wrist guards too. that will be awhile cause i owe $940 already and having a hard time moving my hand so not sure if i can work monday. but i have all weekend to heal! Hope the new bone takes well and heals strong. i feel lucky to have had the surgery. i think i will come back strong but it might be a year in reality.

I hope you get better too! So sorry. But i am enjoying watching and talking about sk8n still. vicarious pleasure!

: Hey Claudine,
: I'm glad to hear that everything went well so far. You are some tough cookie!
: Me, I'm still not skating. A bit of running. I hope that the splint will be removed in one week and that the new x-ray pics are satisfactory. I'm not very happy about my little finger which seems to be blocked. The physiotherapist says this is normal, however.
: Don't rely too much on those drugs, however ... ;-)
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