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ok Joe, got tested...
im NOT pregnant. lol. sorry to disappoint. but have to post it to the world since i had to drive out and sign papers and show ID to the lady who just took my blood just to get the release of top secret results of negative lol. my only positive result so far is brain damage at birth so im still going to be a roller junkie even after all this.

: i dont think so, just called and must test me lol. if i were, it would be a serious bad deal w/ a broken arm/xrays. plus hard to feed just me. no tummy on me lol.
: : PREGNANT!! How the hell did that happen.(photos please)
: :
: : cheers joe
: :
: : : : ok what can i do for fun bearing my limitations below? knee surgery wed if im no pregnant or if the dr.doesnt have an emergency. stationary bike boring and i dont like reading much. ADHD. present pastimes include shoving letter openers and metal chop sticks down the cast and now that my forarm is a bone, lots of area hahaha. eating and peeing are also highlights. i think my life needs expansion! i donno when i get that monster off my arm, yes knee brace is too big to be of much use but smallest size orthopedics carry. what do 8 year olds do????
: : :
: : : Funily enough 8 year olds come and see me and I custom make knee braces for them.As a wetsuit company,we also do a lot of orthapedic supports out of neoprene so if your realy stuck I would be more than happy to make you one,or you could buy an elbow support that fits your leg.
: : : by the by,,I like to eat and pee too,but not at the same time.
: : :
: : : cheers joe
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