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interesting info....
seems surgery was easy but since i was under the influence and noone was there to pick me up, he said he couldnt tell me anything yet. i didnt see pics of what he did. i guess i will have to wait until the 22nd. i have to take one enteric coated aspirin for 15 days. its to prevent blood clots. then i thought if i ever get a bump on me, that might prevent hematomas too! wish i knew. just hope it doesnt irritate my stomach.

weird thing, after surgery coming home my butt and feet started itching really bad, so did my leg somewhat hahaha. i guess allergic reaction. allergic to iodine and i had red/orange stuff all over my leg so maybe they goofed. surgery was old 20 mins or less. just no drugs which made me high afterwards which was very disappointing to me, :-( thats all i asked besides being restored to perfectly new/ my knee was all ok otherwise so i think it went well.

i am not sure how fast recovery is. no running, squats or deep bends for 1 month. i can walk and try stationary bike if tolerated in a few days. didnt get to eat much yesterday but i have food in fridge. and by next week i can get out to get more. i have one crutch but if i cant hold weight and walk much, i guess i can try for backpack for some food? i have the special parking spaces sticker!! also means i can park and not pay meters so hopefully my friends want to take me out soon!! ;-D

: : surgery was mild compared to last one.
: What did they say with respect to the operation? Did everything go well? Did they say anything about how long/difficult/successful recovery will be?
: : not much pain, just cant put weight on it.
: You can look forward to being able to put weight on it much sooner than it was the case with my knee surgery where the quadriceps tendon had to heal before I could start putting weight on my left leg.
: : i hope get cast off in oct.
: That would be great!
: : staying in bed w/ leg elevated is hardest.
: In my case that wasn't too bad except that it did not help with loosing weight. ;-) Since I enjoy reading a lot, I'm not bored that much in bed.
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