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yay i'm walking! :-D
yes I'm gimpy! well, only 3 stitches in there, 2 on left, 1 on right. so thats it for knee surgery. slightly puffy but not too bad considering. i wonder if my right knee is mest up too lol? i wont show the stitches cause i dont want anyone to feel ill but i say this looks like i came back from Iraq cause still in cast too lol? and there was orange stuff all over my leg so i think they put iodine on me which states an allergy on my wristband, so they screwed up. i'm ok, just so freaking bored!! no, not derby girl, never. i couldnt slam a soul honestly.... there must be a monster under my bed i think that beats me in the middle of the night lol. Irene, u r tougher then me. i will pee my pants next time i drop in on vert. ok where are the new videos for my entertainment? ;-D

.: u r tuff as nails...ya sure yur not a derby girl deep down? ;-)
: sounds like you'll be up and about and rollin in no time quick
: cheers to a speedy recovery, we're all rootin' for ya! can we call you gimpy?
: : : Claudine, keep up the positive attitude and heal quickly.
: : :
: : : : its not too painful either. walked up the stairs to get my mail. knee is ok!! claudine is HAPPY!!!!
: :
: : knee is a little stiff and sore today but not painful at all like my arm. nothing will knock me down after that! when i said it felt like i was being repeatedly stabbed, that wasnt an exaggeration. so soreness is mild in comparison. but i'm STOKED. realized now not only will i be able to do the 360s, and run and jump. but soon enough i will be able to bend down really LOW to sit on my heels again. know what this means for sk8n? AWESOME!! i'm bored but will be able to stay up more and get out by tomorrow!! i cant wait to sk8 lol...... Robert, any new pics/videos? if i get my cast off in Oct, i want to start a vert painting of all you guys rippin!
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