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curious plates and screws and sk8n
: : opps, i didnt injure my dr, just my knees, dont sue me lol. OK i'll shut up and go to bed lol.
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: : : thanks Robert, makes me feel better. i spoke to wild Bill cause i'm dying, really dying to sk8 and wanted to find out how much it would cost to hopefully protect myself better if its possible. i emailed him the pic of the plate and screws. its 6 large screws. he mentioned how its may be easy to break the bone at the end of the plate with screws in now and to ask my dr. first. so i will be staight up w/ my dr now. i told him i just fell into a pool since the guy i was dating told me not to mention sk8n but i told my knee dr. about it and hes going to get my knee braces (by insurance) so i dont reinjure him. maybe my arm dr. can make a forearm brace so it will support it even more instead. i dont think its a big deal to tell ortho specialists. they deal w/ athletes. i will ask him questions now. i've gotta sk8 again. not ready to stop living. hopefully this will be my one bad injury and i can now move on, just more carefully. some of my friends think im totally nuts to ever sk8 again. i just feel dead not sk8n.
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: : : : Claudine, I have a metal pin in my elbow and the doctor who did the surgery said that I might want to have it taken out in the future. He made it sound like a very light precedure, but I am leaving it in as long as I don't find out it needs to come out. I found breaking my elbow made me so worried for so long, but in reality, it was my first broken bone in 39 years. I would not worry about it right now and just focus on healing. Think of all the football players, pro skaters and all the other althetes that have broken many bones. They keep going and I am sure you will too. When you are ready, just go out and have fun and don't push it too hard. My elbow break was a total fluke. I used to never fall on my elbow. If you are going to worry, then you might as well worry about any other injury you could get with any other bone. Shit, you can worry about crossing the street. lol It's tough, but you will come back strong.
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: : : : : i was told that some people cant sk8 after plates, screws and rods. i'm worried, i want to sk8 again! i will talk to dr. now and see what he says. i am worried that now where the screws are could break easily. but i want to sk8. i am not sure what i would do if he says i can never sk8 again. i read this on it:
: take it easy, dont be a peak freak.
: youve definately got the bug to sk8, youll be back rollin be4 you know it.
: stuff what other people say, their just jealous,
: if we were all the same, it would be boring.
: ive only longboarded 4 times this month, no vert sk8ing pisses me off.
: ive put on a few kilos as a result, the kids reckon ive been binge eating and called me muffintop. how cruel.
: by the way , we will try to e-mail you some pics.
: dont worry, youll be rudging in no time.
: cheers, h .
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on no, poor Harry! no kilos here, i''ve literally got an empty fridge right now and panic about not getting the letter yet about my rent going down, plus car insurance bill just came and not sure what i can afford. hunting out for weeds and wild greens for my bunnies and piggies so i can sleep at night. they have dried food but are spoiled and will whine and cry if no treats lol. just gross canned food for me now, it sucks.

but my leg is about all better. i musta walked 4 hrs yesterday and barely any pain so least that is healing. i get no sympathy for my injuries from family and friends that know i sk8 since its my own fault, caused them myself. its a stupid thing to do. i'm too old, thin, small, etc. for this blah blah fuckin blah. so i will get even more flack when i return. i wont say anything but gotta keep myself from injury to hide it well. oh well, one day i will move to a place where insurance is cheap, bills are easier to pay and people accept me for me, even if it means sk8n w/ braces, bolts and plates. i miss it terribly! in oct. i will start longboarding again, or running or something. might start painting today....
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