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good news!
my PT told me today that after it fully HEALS, my arm should be just as strong and there is no reason why I cant enjoy feeling like a superhero again. :-D I am lucky, he is supportive and got to do fun balancing exercises today. i showed him pics of me sk8n and he is helping me so i dont mess up my knees too. so it may take 6 months to heal, i donno, but i WILL sk8 vert again!! :-D

: i was told that some people cant sk8 after plates, screws and rods. i'm worried, i want to sk8 again! i will talk to dr. now and see what he says. i am worried that now where the screws are could break easily. but i want to sk8. i am not sure what i would do if he says i can never sk8 again. i read this on it:
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