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probably how i fell
Sorry - not posted for a silly amount of time. The wife had twins, so have been a bit busy for the last couple of years. Bernhard - I will send you some more scans soon - I promise!
Just thought I'd put in my bit on the subject of pins etc - I have a plate in my right ankle after a fibula fracture at Southsea park in 89 - the doctors told me no more skating etc, but I carried on for a few years more, though I would stop whenever I felt any discomfort. I would strap my ankle up - more for a sense of security than anything else. Its just a matter of being sensible - the medics are only going to offer advice that is within their professional liabilties. At the moment though my skating is limited chasing my kids around the road - its easier than running....
I also remember a story that Andy Peerless has had hip replacement as a result of the hard concrete slams he used to sustain at Rom skatepark - as far as I know he still rips.
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