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Robert, Aflac
: oh, called my ortho center, said aflac isnt insurance?

Aflac is an insurance company ( It seems that your future employer offers an accident insurance via Aflac. This is not a health insurance police. Probably this was meant by your ortho center.

In Switzerland, accident insurance is obligatory. Your employer has to provide an accident insurance. They had to pay for treatment of my leg and my hand.

The meaning of 'accident insurance' is different in Switzerland and in Germany, however. In Germany, an accident insurance pays for permanent disability (e.g. if you loose an arm), in Switzerland they pay for health treatment after an injury. I do not know what an Aflac policy covers.

BTW, health insurance in Switzerland has to be done by the employee. Sometimes a company offers the possibility to join a collective policy, sometimes they pay part of the policy. But normally, you have to pay health insurance yourself.
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