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lucky me, since my injuries make me disabled now, if i work and can earn significant income i am entitled to up to 36 months of coverage. just when i work might cost between $600-$700 per month lol. but its not forever. and i just had my 2nd interview and 3rd interview tomorrow. customer service is required too so i will enjoy that. i like to chat! so maybe things will be ok. so in Oz, do they speak english? I think i still want to move. ;-D

: : no, i will be dropped by insurance soon after i get another job. within 3 months max. i was seriously lucky to even get it. i was close to being left crippled! it was very irresponsible for me to sk8 w/out insurance and i deserve my consequences. i guess it will be a long time til i sk8 again. i know no insurance company would insure me on my own. at least i started painting yesterday and enjoy that because my life is not happy now being a cripple. thats why i am trying to get all surgeries done since i'm not sure when i will have insurance and i want to be able at least to run again, if i get the chance to move to a better country, i wont hesitate. my next job will be boring but will only look for good benefits/insurance.
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: : : : so would aflac cover my arm?
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: : : Very unlikely. An accident insurance pays for accidents happening during the time you are insured. Your injury happend before, so no pay. If you brake your other arm during the insured time, they will pay. The next question is if they pay treatment or disability. Did you have a chance to look at the contract?
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: : : : thats my concern. they havent called back so i'm happy. because i would lose the insurance way before i get theirs.
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: : : Can't you extend your health insurance until your arm is well again?
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