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: : : : : : lucky me, since my injuries make me disabled now, if i work and can earn significant income i am entitled to up to 36 months of coverage. just when i work might cost between $600-$700 per month lol. but its not forever. and i just had my 2nd interview and 3rd interview tomorrow. customer service is required too so i will enjoy that. i like to chat! so maybe things will be ok. so in Oz, do they speak english? I think i still want to move. ;-D
: : : : : :
: : : : : : : : no, i will be dropped by insurance soon after i get another job. within 3 months max. i was seriously lucky to even get it. i was close to being left crippled! it was very irresponsible for me to sk8 w/out insurance and i deserve my consequences. i guess it will be a long time til i sk8 again. i know no insurance company would insure me on my own. at least i started painting yesterday and enjoy that because my life is not happy now being a cripple. thats why i am trying to get all surgeries done since i'm not sure when i will have insurance and i want to be able at least to run again, if i get the chance to move to a better country, i wont hesitate. my next job will be boring but will only look for good benefits/insurance.
: : : : : : :
: : : : : : : NOW YOUR TALKING.
: : : : : : :
: : : : : How hard is it for us Yankees to relocate to Oz? Europe? Canada?
: : : : : signed, Sick and Tired American
: : : :
: : : : oh come-on irene, dont u love the game in our country of filling out paper work, being on the phone for hours and getting no response and months later getting an apology that their system was locked but now they will start to process it? then all the rich people lie and cheat out their butts off so they dont pay taxes and such so they can go on more vacations lol? just dont forget ur overweight luggage, (ME!) i think everything is a game here, even to get covered w/ insurance seems to be a word game and hours on the phone being put on hold.
: : :
: : : i think ive scratched a nerve?
: : : we are not full yet, theres plenty more room on the bbq for a few more chops, downunder.
: : : this week in melbournetown we have checked out rampfest, a new indoor park, very good.
: : : also a new outdoors, concrete park at meadowheights. id say, the smoothest surface ive seen.
: : : at chelsea, the new 1/2 pipe should be erected any day now. cant wait, i should be ready to roll then. only wearing sling at work now. i can feel that the bone has joined up, better each day.
: : : they say melb is the sporting capital of oz, so far as vert sk8ings concerned, we are being spoiled rotten.
: : : sorry, dont mean to rub it in.
: : : oz - great place - great people - minimal bs - no bad attitudes.
: : :
: : : come nov, you guys have a big decision to make.
: : : a tough 1, faced with poor choices.
: : : the answer is not always black or white.
: : :
: : : enough said, cheers, h .
: : :
: : :
: : :
: : i would go in a heartbeat but this boring job offered me crap pay where i would be worse off financially and unable to afford decent food or pay medical insurance and no creativity. i hate print jobs actually. they said the "economy is bad, we have to make cutbacks." so yes they LIED to me when they swore they were financially stable. so i told this woman twice my size off. i'm not doing a boring job that needs no college education nor talent and changing my career unless its a stable company w/ decent pay. i stated my requirements. so still broke lol. only creative jobs would i put up w/ this. still broken too but oct. 1st may be a good day for arm freedom! i will need knee surgery on my right knee too. still cant do squats w/out feeling like i have a razor blade in my knee other knee,operated knee is fine now tho. no more thigh and butt muscles to brag about now so i want to get this fixed!!
: good to hear your on the mend, wouldnt it be wise to allow some time to pass to let l/h knee heal fully before getting r/h knee sorted?
: sorry to hear about the job situation, i hope fate smiles on you and can find a suitable position.
: keep your chin up, you are a tough mumma. dont let anyone or anything break your stride. i know you will roll vert again, just wait till your 100%.
: most importantly , dont lose your sense of humor.
: cheers, h .
i cant get right knee looked at til arm is healed. but left knee will only get so much healed. i'm stopping therapy for it this week since my right knee hurts a lot now from it and not doing exercises on my own since it hurts. i think i will just do what i can on my own. i hope my arm is miraculously healed this week. i am waiting for them to lower my rent but they said system is locked so no money for healthy foods until then. that should be any day now i hope. at least i was taken out for dinner the other night but i think it was unhealthy, opps. but i am OK, started painting again although its frustrating, promise i will not cut off my ear lol! i will have to be an artist for awhile rather then sk8r.
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