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help, how to order?
: : : my arm is healed! only 6 weeks before i can sk8. wont start on bowls. the dr. said these guards are best but its not US.
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: : So you are rid of your cast now? Congratulations! That's really great!
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: : : can anyone help me to order? i want to make sure they fit. my bf speaks french so maybe he can help. my wrist is 5 1/8th inches around.
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: : They obviously don't send their stuff to the US. Germany is an option, so I could act as a proxy.
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: : As important as protection wear is (by all means never skate without!) I firmly believe that proper falling technique is more important still (I know I shouldn't talk about this since my technique is under-developed at best). If you can land properly on your knee pads and slide it out. the impact on your body is the lowest possible. I even saw some inline skater doing very rad stuff and skating big ramps without any protection wear. It wasn't the case that they didn't fall at all, but they had a technique of sliding it out on their behind.
: Completely agree with you on that one MrB, learning to bail too your knees is the best protection you can have.I see a lot of padless skaters run out of a bail but Ben Johnson on a bender couldnt run out of a 6' air bail but you can slide on your knees at any speed.
: Great to hear your wing is nearly ready for flight again Claudine,you've been to hell and back and never lost the faith.Much respect to you.Eagerly awaiting your return vid/pic posts.Big thumbs up to you girl.
: cheers joe

i hope i always land on knee pads. but doing tricks, i fall sideways sometimes. i think its good for me to learn to roll properly, like in aikido? thats how the bladers get away sans all pads. they roll. i can take 3 free classes close by, then $10/class after that. beginners classes teach you how to stand/roll. i still hope i always hit my pads but even the great mr. H hurt his wing......
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