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help, how to order?
: : I am out of cast!!!!!!!!! just stiff, pics above. Not pretty but to me beautiful. :-D
: Woohoo!
: : you are very right! but at times people fall sideways or backwards and cannot get to knee pads.
: It has to be trained. When you watch proficient ramp skaters, they always land on their knee pads (well, in 99,9 % of all cases at least) if they are using knee pads.
: I think it's not so good to compare the technique to Aikido. The situation is completely different. The height is different, there is a transition and there is no-one else throwing you off your feet that yourself. Martial arts definitely helps you control your body and I'm sure it's also an advantage for a different kind of falling. But I'm convinced that the skater's technique for falling in a half-pipe is better in this situation and that it offers much more control and protection and injury.
: I think you watched the inline skaters rolling their falls when doing street skating, right? I don't know any good ramp inline skaters doing this in the half pipe. They either slide it out on their knee pads or on their ass. Everything else isn't a controlled bail but an uncontrolled slam.

makes sense, so best thing is just practice sliding on my knee pads? i have been working out at the gym so my midsection is strong to twist. if the classes are free, might try them out as i want to ride a uni too lol. part of safely falling too is being lose which means not being afraid so practicing falls. the dr. said drunk drivers rarely ever break bones! i wish i could watch other roller skaters, it would help me out a lot. but i wont chance not having great protective gear as i know that 0.1% can be fatal........ A break has cost me TONS, in pain, disability, job, stress, and loss of skating time.
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