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help, how to order?
: I am out of cast!!!!!!!!! just stiff, pics above. Not pretty but to me beautiful. :-D


: you are very right! but at times people fall sideways or backwards and cannot get to knee pads.

It has to be trained. When you watch proficient ramp skaters, they always land on their knee pads (well, in 99,9 % of all cases at least) if they are using knee pads.

I think it's not so good to compare the technique to Aikido. The situation is completely different. The height is different, there is a transition and there is no-one else throwing you off your feet that yourself. Martial arts definitely helps you control your body and I'm sure it's also an advantage for a different kind of falling. But I'm convinced that the skater's technique for falling in a half-pipe is better in this situation and that it offers much more control and protection and injury.

I think you watched the inline skaters rolling their falls when doing street skating, right? I don't know any good ramp inline skaters doing this in the half pipe. They either slide it out on their knee pads or on their ass. Everything else isn't a controlled bail but an uncontrolled slam.
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