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Vert-Rollerskating in the early eighties
Hi there, my name is Oliver and I come from Muenster. I've been really surprised, what I found here (just looking for photos of Martin Broich at Unbelievable, cause I thought, there would be nobody anymore riding vert with rollerskates?! This is great!!

I began vert-rollerskating in 1987 in Senden, near Münster. It was the first Vert-Ramp in Germany, build completely in aluminium. There I skated until 1993, sometimes guys like Martin Broich, Thomas Kallack and others came to my hometown for having nice sessions. But I think 1993 was the year, when the Vert-Rollerskating-competition didn't took part at the Munster Monster Mastership? After that I also stopped skating but since 3 years I try again, sometimes in the really nice pool in Münster-Berg Fidel, maybe anybody knows? Enclosed two really old pictures of me in the late 80ties in the Senden-Ramp. It would be at all really interesting for me to know, if there are any other "Oldschoolers" around here inside these Forum, so please write...

Keep on skating

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