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Hi Brian, what uncommon reunion inside this forum :) Yeah, this is right, we met each other and I'll never forget how you really trod me into my first drop in ever :). This has been in 1988 it think, it's was the year when the whole ice-skating hall in münster has been arranged as a big skatehall for the summertime. Maybe you remember the two blue vert-ramps, being combined through a spine? I think your motivation for treating me into the ramp has been, that my "Sit-in" has not been really authentic cause otherwise I made handplants and stuff like this :) But this is why I'm still thankfull to you. Since this time I never made again a "Sit-In", I swear :) so when your're the next time in germany, just visit Münster, this would be nice, we still have the pool, a big ramp indoor and last but not least lots of this oldschoolers still hangin around, so think about it.

Yesterday Martin Broich promised me again that that he will visit me within the next days, so hopefully it won't take too long time. Hope to hear from you soon, maybe you got a link where I can see some more pics of you rollerskating? Maybe some Worldcup-shots? would be nice.

: Hi Olli, I beleive we met years ago when I visited Munster. Welcome to the forum it is always great to hear from another rollerskater. Thanks for all the pictures too and the links to a coulple of old friends (thomas, helge)Those two guys are a couple of the raddest rollerskaters ever. Martin Broich is another one and it was great to see a shot of him. I too would love to see him on his rollerskates. You must show him the forum and the interviews that Bernhard has put up on his Vert Skating site. I spent a whole lot of time with Martin and I miss being able to hang out with him. Please pass along a a very warm greating. Once again welcome, Brian Wainwright
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