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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
Vert-Rollerskating in the early eighties
: another time really suprised about the short response-time to my first entry in this forum :)

I think everyone here is just happy to hear from other people enganged in this crazy activity.

Give my regards to Martin Broich. Maybe he remembers me from Karlsruhe. And tell him that he should get on his roller skates!

: But in the early nineties we had some great sessions together, mostly in Senden but sometimes also in Havixbeck, Münster and once in the Tropica in Hemsbach. I think this was in 1990, cause it was my only contest, I took part.

I also participated once in a Tropica contest. It's been the one when Bo Elsbol knocked himself into the hospital when attempting a 900.

: And if the vert contest is taking part again next year, then I'll come maybe, but lots of tricks get lost about the past 16 years, so you'll win the contest anyway :)

I can't even particate because I can't ride this ramp! Maybe next year ... But probably I stick to taking photos.

: But maybe you can tell me, where you've been skating in the beginning of your "career"?

I've been skating mainly in Freiburg and on ramps neat Freiburg. Some more places I've been to: Basel, Stuttgart, Adelberg, Tropica, Münster, Cologne, Bonn, Singen, Zürich, Zug, ...

I don't remember I've we have met in some place. Do you know Arne and Lars Languth?
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