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question to those w/ speed boots
My boots fit snug, but not tight. I'm not sure if there are mm's of room left. Next time I try them on, I'll check and let you know.

Thanks, Claudine. My knee is a little better. Hopefully, it will be a little better each and every day.


: So you have about 1/2" between your toe and the end? For vert I think you need a little bit. For rink/derby/speed skating its I think 2-4 mm. For artistic 1 mm lol. They were fitting me and trying to convince me I wanted the boots painted on. The 4.5 had nothing left. The size 5 had about 3mm. The 5.5 will be close to 1/2" I think. The next pair of boot will last me 10+ years so I want to get a pair where I can skate for hours and hours without problems. I wish I could wear carerras! Thanks Biff, hope today is a better day for you and your knee!!!! :-D
: : : I just ordered ridell (sp) skate boots the same size as my regular shoe size.
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: : : Biff
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: : : : How do you size them? Do you wear the same size as rink skates, snug? Or do you get them 1/2 size larger? It seems like wearing gellin insoles take up a half size? I tried on boots since one day I want a pair that dont hurt my feet. The size 4.5 with the same boot felt just as snug as my 5.5. I guess the insoles and the padded heel (I got the heel snugged from reidell) made it a size smaller? The size 5 in better leather boots didnt hurt my toes and fit fine. So one day I hope to afford a pair with better leather and better shape for my feet. The 695s fit me a lot better. Its going to be a long time before I can afford them so I dont want to get the wrong size. I will try to win the lottery soon instead lol.
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