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question to those w/ speed boots
You and Irene are soooooo lucky! None of the cheap boots work for me. :-( The 265s hurt my feet like crazy and seems like Biff and Robert love them. The carerras are very narrow in the toe and hurt like crazy for my feet. My 265s are 9 months old and never gave in the toes because it has an inflexible liner. Only the nice leather of the higher end boots give in to conform to the foot. The girls I tried on I wanted to steal lol. The 695s for me felt very comfy even brand new! This really sucks but I have crummy feet I guess. But the boots that work are only $50 at max more. And the thick leather should last 3 times as long so seems worth it to me. Maybe it will last me 10+ years!

So the end of your toe to the end of the boot there is no room? I wear a size 5.5 to 6 mens skate shoe. I cant have my toes at the end for normal shoes. But it seems like for barely any room its a size 5. I also want to put in gel insoles lol. I will bring them next time I try ones on. Guess I should go another time. Just an hours drive.

They are saying if I go higher in size it will move and I will lose support. I have had nothing but poor fitting skates! The dominions I had were an INCH too long, the hockey boots I had were a 1/2" long and way too wide so my foot moved all around and it was dangerous. Even with 3 insoles lol. The 265s have so much padding in the heel Riedell (expensive!) and I both added, I guess it added 3-4mm in it to keep them from slipping and the toes kill me on the ramps. Thats why I thought some space up front would help. If they made cheap boots with a rounded toebox it would be fine. But also my heels and ankles are extra narrow, forefoot is normal. I guess I should stick with the size 5 since I will have to get the heel narrow so I wont need to add padding then. The toes will mold to my feet in the nicer leather..... I cant afford to keep buying boots. And I plan on some LONG skate sessions. :-D I hate stopping because my feet hurt.

As far as talk me into things, yes they tried. I know a 195 isnt good for vert lol. But I dont know if vert skaters need room with the toes because of the pressure going down the ramps.

: : How do you size them? Do you wear the same size as rink skates, snug? Or do you get them 1/2 size larger? It seems like wearing gellin insoles take up a half size? I tried on boots since one day I want a pair that dont hurt my feet. The size 4.5 with the same boot felt just as snug as my 5.5. I guess the insoles and the padded heel (I got the heel snugged from reidell) made it a size smaller? The size 5 in better leather boots didnt hurt my toes and fit fine. So one day I hope to afford a pair with better leather and better shape for my feet. The 695s fit me a lot better. Its going to be a long time before I can afford them so I dont want to get the wrong size. I will try to win the lottery soon instead lol.
: Hey Claudine.
: My last 3 pairs of boots (about last 12 years) have all been Carrera Size 10 Men's.These fit me perfectly with a limited break-in period. They don't seem to be any bigger than my feet with athletic socks on. But I always wear a size 9 shoe. So, I don't know if that helps. I love my Carreras though. And has them pretty cheap. Hell, my Vert SK8s came from them for just under $300 already set-up for park shredding. Here's link to check out what I'm riding:
: Good Luck picking out something for yourself. I'd advise wearing the type of socks you prefer to skate in & trying on different styles/models/brands of boots. Then choose ones that are comfortable & fit. Don't let them "talk you into" anything, Girl! You know what you intend to do in those skates! The salespeople probably don't have a freakin' clue! LOL!
: Keep Healing to you & Brother Biff!!!
: Jay
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