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question to those w/ speed boots
: How do you size them? Do you wear the same size as rink skates, snug? Or do you get them 1/2 size larger? It seems like wearing gellin insoles take up a half size? I tried on boots since one day I want a pair that dont hurt my feet. The size 4.5 with the same boot felt just as snug as my 5.5. I guess the insoles and the padded heel (I got the heel snugged from reidell) made it a size smaller? The size 5 in better leather boots didnt hurt my toes and fit fine. So one day I hope to afford a pair with better leather and better shape for my feet. The 695s fit me a lot better. Its going to be a long time before I can afford them so I dont want to get the wrong size. I will try to win the lottery soon instead lol.
Hey Claudine.
My last 3 pairs of boots (about last 12 years) have all been Carrera Size 10 Men's.These fit me perfectly with a limited break-in period. They don't seem to be any bigger than my feet with athletic socks on. But I always wear a size 9 shoe. So, I don't know if that helps. I love my Carreras though. And has them pretty cheap. Hell, my Vert SK8s came from them for just under $300 already set-up for park shredding. Here's link to check out what I'm riding:
Good Luck picking out something for yourself. I'd advise wearing the type of socks you prefer to skate in & trying on different styles/models/brands of boots. Then choose ones that are comfortable & fit. Don't let them "talk you into" anything, Girl! You know what you intend to do in those skates! The salespeople probably don't have a freakin' clue! LOL!
Keep Healing to you & Brother Biff!!!
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