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Truck Grind Progress Update

Hello All & Happy Weekend!!!!
I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I'm REALLY glad today's finally Friday!
Anyway, I finally got myself riding directly up & onto truck grinds on both skates yesterday. I was ECSTATIC.
So, I figured I'd get some footage of myself today since Preggo (my wife) can't go to skateparks to film my old ass skate these days.
So, I decide to charge one 1st run full blast. My front (left) skate gets on no problem, my rear skate somehow flips & SLAMS on the coping HARD on the TOP of my foot.But I rode away! I knew my pinky toe was pretty well FUBAR, but decided I'd be OK to Skate as long as I left my Skate on. Delaying the swelling, right? LOL!
So, here's my standard pre-video submission apology:I still don't have any video editing software so only have clips....on top of that I had to set camera down, hit record, skate outta frame & then hit the wall I aimed the camera at, then skate outta frame again until I hit same wall for 2nd time. I know, kinda lame, but none of the clips exceed 45 seconds so it could be worse.....

I guess I should start by saying Thanks to everybody for all the advice & support on this truck grind deal. It's really been a mental thing I've had to overcome & appreciate all the support. Also I think the thing that helped me most (other than just manning up & rolling onto the coping) was putting my old slider plates onto my new skates. It let me do what I'm calling "perpendicular grinds" with one skate trucks-on & the other skate on my slider plate. So here's my 'new' set-up:

New SK8s Old Plates Side View 1

Now some videos:

Now after my Mega-Slam I was a bit Gun-Shy of riding into grinds so I have a few cheaters where I only get right skate immediately onto coping then get my left on once I'm locked with my right skate. So you'll see some of that.....

And this one's for you, Claudine, which I actually say to the camera @ end of video....after I fell on my Ass!

Now, if you still bearing with me, I moved the camera onto the coping for a better angle. Here's a couple shots from that angle:

Thanks again for all your support & patience with the videos. Now this is a bit gross, but just so you don't think it's BS about the foot here's a picture.....

Damaged Pinky Toe Close Up

Nice, huh? Alright.....hope it wasn't too horrible, Kids. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend & whatever skating they can get in to. I will not be lacing up my SK8s this weekend!


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