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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
Truck Grind Progress Update
: Jay,
: as always, you are the great entertainer! Photos, films, play by play comments....Thanks again. I'm going to tell Dawn how you talk about her as "Preggo". :~
: Ha! That was great! First, I could tell the cops were on your a**, as I could hear the sirens in the background in the 1st film.
: Then, in film 3, you could see all the knee cap skid marks, on the transition, where you had fallen while practicing. One is even created while we watch!
: Way to go! I can tell your not as afraid of doing this as you were before. Your approach was much more solid. Did I also see a backside grind thrown in??
: It probably helped your confidence to put your old grind plates onto your new skates. But, you really should update those! Sorry about your toe.

Howdi Biff!
Thanks for the kind words. I was SO STOKED to hear that you were outta the Brace. Only a matter of time til you're back in the SK8s!!
Yeah, I've definitely gained confidence in my approach to the coping. That's why my Toe's FUBAR! LOL! I rolled in full blast on my 1st run (prior to self-filming) & went for it. I probably should've done a warm-up run or two. Oh well. I had 'em dialed the previous day, I thought I was on my Game. Not quite.
Well, guess I'm on down-time this weekend with Preggo. BTW, feel free to tell Dawnie whatever you like. I have no secrets from her. If you knew how much she tolerated from me over the last 17 years, you'd know you couldn't surprise her regarding what I say and/or do!
Well, best to Holly & Raven. Keep on healing, Brother. Thanks for watching my weak submissions!!!
Have a great weekend....

P.S. I know I need
new slider/grind plates.
I just have no clue how
to make those happen. I
guess I just went with the
old ones since I knew how
to attach them & knew they
worked well for me.PEACE..

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