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Truck Grind Progress Update
Nice progress Jay!!! I like the sound of the first vid: sirens before action!!!!!


: : Jay,
: :
: : as always, you are the great entertainer! Photos, films, play by play comments....Thanks again. I'm going to tell Dawn how you talk about her as "Preggo". :~
: :
: : Ha! That was great! First, I could tell the cops were on your a**, as I could hear the sirens in the background in the 1st film.
: :
: : Then, in film 3, you could see all the knee cap skid marks, on the transition, where you had fallen while practicing. One is even created while we watch!
: :
: : Way to go! I can tell your not as afraid of doing this as you were before. Your approach was much more solid. Did I also see a backside grind thrown in??
: :
: : It probably helped your confidence to put your old grind plates onto your new skates. But, you really should update those! Sorry about your toe.
: Howdi Biff!
: Thanks for the kind words. I was SO STOKED to hear that you were outta the Brace. Only a matter of time til you're back in the SK8s!!
: Yeah, I've definitely gained confidence in my approach to the coping. That's why my Toe's FUBAR! LOL! I rolled in full blast on my 1st run (prior to self-filming) & went for it. I probably should've done a warm-up run or two. Oh well. I had 'em dialed the previous day, I thought I was on my Game. Not quite.
: Well, guess I'm on down-time this weekend with Preggo. BTW, feel free to tell Dawnie whatever you like. I have no secrets from her. If you knew how much she tolerated from me over the last 17 years, you'd know you couldn't surprise her regarding what I say and/or do!
: Well, best to Holly & Raven. Keep on healing, Brother. Thanks for watching my weak submissions!!!
: Have a great weekend....
: PEACE......Jay
: P.S. I know I need
: new slider/grind plates.
: I just have no clue how
: to make those happen. I
: guess I just went with the
: old ones since I knew how
: to attach them & knew they
: worked well for me.PEACE..
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