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The little bowl
: : There are no big half pipes here, just big bowls. And thats where I hurt myself. I havent hurt myself on small stuff ironically. Every time I've injured myself its been on the bigger stuff. I dont fall hard if I'm close to the ground.
: :
: : : : I might wait and try the baby bowl.
: : : :
: : : : In fact, the small ramps and bowl are more dangerous when you know controlled falls. To learn to control your falls, I recommend really big half pipes. Lots of space there to learn falling.
: : :
: : : My thoughts too. Big ramps are less dangerous. You do not hit the ground so darn fast. Gives you time to prepare.
: I agree w/B&B. Large bowls to carve, don't go high. The bigger curved walls gives you more space and time to fall right. Smaller, tight bowls pitch you down faster into the flatbottom....ouch

This is the bowl I'm talking about in the video. This is the only bowl with mild transitions that dont go to vert. On the big bowls, they go to vert quickly and its easy to get up high with the waterfalls into the bowl. WHen I hit vert, that leads to faster, higher falls. This bowl is just simple slides.

Thanks Bernhard, I'll practice the slides! But this bowl looks safe? Everything else is steep. And my arm might not be strong enough to lift myself out of a 7 1/2 foot+ bowl when I'm tired lol. I hope I can ride once before insurance cancels. I have a nice fun line I do on this bowl. Today its raining and I'm sore lol

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