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The little bowl
I guess there isnt a place for me to ride then thats safe! I feel safer there since I'm VERY tiny and its hardly a big bowl to me. My friend there is a foot taller then me and 100 lbs more then me so I'm much smaller in comparison. I wish a vert skater were in the area to teach me in person what I"m doing wrong when I fall. I guess I have no choice that either I'm skating in a not safe bowl or I dont skate.

I think I'm stronger now then I credit myself for. I built my first bike today myself. At least I do very well. The mechanic said I've picked it up faster then the others he's taught and I get true a wheel w/in a half mm, so hopefully they'll keep me during this crummy recession!

: : This is the bowl I'm talking about in the video. This is the only bowl with mild transitions that dont go to vert. On the big bowls, they go to vert quickly and its easy to get up high with the waterfalls into the bowl. WHen I hit vert, that leads to faster, higher falls. This bowl is just simple slides.
: That's definitely a tough thing. The bowl in the video is very small and hardly suitable to train good falling technique. There just is no room for it and you still can do bad slams there. On the other hand, a big bowl with steep transitions is even worse for gentle practice. I don't know what to recommend in this situation.
: : Thanks Bernhard, I'll practice the slides! But this bowl looks safe?
: I remember a skateboard design that read "Unsafe at any speed". There's nothing to add to this. It's just true and a Mr. Wilson on a skateboard can result in very nasty injury. No height at all and speed Zero.
: : Everything else is steep. And my arm might not be strong enough to lift myself out of a 7 1/2 foot+ bowl when I'm tired lol. I hope I can ride once before insurance cancels. I have a nice fun line I do on this bowl. Today its raining and I'm sore lol
: Go for control. You should always be in control when riding your skates so that even a fall won't harm you. I know that's easy to say and not always achievable, but it should be the goal to aim at. Especially when you're not 13 anymore.
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