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Awesome day!
Dude, you are lucky! My Dr. wants me to go back to PT cause my elbow is still tight until I get the letter from insurance. If I have it then another surgery to break down scar tissue in my elbow and 3 months PT. Almost there lol.

: Hip-Hip-Hooray! This was a nice thing to come home to see. I'm very happy for you.
: Today, I had my very last follow up visit with my Ortho. She told me she is done with me. From here on out, I just need to strengthen my knee, and continue to work on my range of motion.
: Cheers!
: Biff
: (yep....same post on the Skatelog Forum too. I'm redundant)
: : Stitches out, arm 100%, no letter from insurance company.
: :
: : I rode the BMX and jumped some curbs and speed bumps. Then I went to the kiddie skatepark. Gosh I feel old there lol. Whats up with all the kids just going down one ramp and flipping the board to only miss it a zillion times? Then they stand there for 5 mins and just flip it. I dont get it, dont they like to move? Doesnt that get annoying to never make a trick lol? They dont do this crap at the bowls. The actually move and pump and stuff. So yes I love the bowls a lot more. I was good. Just rode the ramps, no tricks, no dropping in. Played it like a beginner. Made one lame fall forward and hit the elbow then my hand and musta missed a heartbeat but was fine. So glad a fall is done to get over the fear and hope no more lol.
: :
: : I am not sure I like the PD gloves because I was pumping the half pipe and got to the top so dropped my knees to slide down. I lost a bit of skin on the palm side knuckle on my finger. That skate lite is like sandpaper on the hands and I didnt fall on it. So seems like there are no ideal wrist guards. I put my old ones back on lol, but took off the rear rigid guard. But I LOVE the elbows! The one time I fell, I didnt feel a thing. So then ripped it up fast in the street a bit. I guess I can kick my heels up some now while skating the streets? ;-D That was fun. I just had to remind myself from being away for such a long time to relax on the ramps and bend my knees.
: :
: : Then I unicycled. Man, it was awesome!
: :
: : I think I'll follow Roberts footsteps. Take it very slow. I'm starting as a beginner again to play it safe. Hope I can keep insurance! Irene will rank #1 forever cause I'm too old to push myself to be great. I just want to skate and be safe so I can do this a long time. I'll catch the high airs on the BMX I guess lol. I think I'll sleep well tonight. :-D
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