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Baby Update
Jay, I have never laughed so hard....omg!!!

First, the great freestyle by my peep from Detroit! Just floored me!

Then, that alien picture right after that!! I must say, Ryder cleaned up real nice after his initial appearance. (The song "Ryder on the Storm" comes to mind. Dawnies belly must be a strange and magical place)

Dawnie, you are so cool. Great work. You are an artist to create such a masterpiece! I guess some kudos should also go to your co-collaborator as well; Way to go Puff Daddy! (your new rapper name)

Jay, you are 170.18 cm tall and 72.5747 kg in weight.
Ryder is 4.45 decimeters long & weighs 2.09436 kg.

Peace and love to your whole family.
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