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Baby Update
Wow, I'm so excited for you!!!! What an amazing little guy. So adorable! And yes little people RULE lol. We have lower center of gravity and more agile. :-D I've always been tiny and now I love it as I can still do what most people my age cant. His hands are porportionally big. I think he will be the king of inverts.

I'm stoked for ya! I've been dying to find out the news. I"m so happy hes happy and healthy and beatiful. CONGRATS!!

: : Yea Jay,a beautiful wife and baby and the ability to skate vert,,could you be more spoiled?Seriously dood congrats to you all.In the vid Ryder looks like he's nearly smiling,a preciouse bit of vid of a gorgeouse kid,that was realy nice.You both did a fantastic job.Thanx for sharing.
: :
: : cheers joe
: :
: : : Jay, I have never laughed so hard....omg!!!
: : :
: : : First, the great freestyle by my peep from Detroit! Just floored me!
: : :
: : : Then, that alien picture right after that!! I must say, Ryder cleaned up real nice after his initial appearance. (The song "Ryder on the Storm" comes to mind. Dawnies belly must be a strange and magical place)
: : :
: : : Dawnie, you are so cool. Great work. You are an artist to create such a masterpiece! I guess some kudos should also go to your co-collaborator as well; Way to go Puff Daddy! (your new rapper name)
: : :
: : : Jay, you are 170.18 cm tall and 72.5747 kg in weight.
: : : Ryder is 4.45 decimeters long & weighs 2.09436 kg.
: : :
: : : Peace and love to your whole family.
: : : Biff
: hearty congrats from the ludorf clan.
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