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Baby Update
Congratulation to both off you, Jay!!!!
Love to see Babies, it recalls me my sons when they were born!!!!


: Hello Everybody!
: 1st I wanna say you're HILARIOUS! The Ode to Vert Skating made Dawnie & I laugh til we cried. You guys (& gals) are Talented!!! Let me just say:
: My wife Labored Away
: For More than a Day
: Just to hear her Doc Say
: "I'm gonna have to take him out another Way."
: But after 30 some hours
: In a Room filled with Flowers
: Our Lives were made Brighter
: By Our NewBorn Son, Ryder.
: So in a few short years
: Before Cars, Girls & Beers
: I'm gonna teach him Not to Hate
: And how to Vert Rollerskate! :~)
: I'm from Detroit, Peeps. I can Freestyle. Word.
: Anyway, as you might imagine I've been BUSY & not getting much Sleep. But, it tickles me to see that my absense was noticed by my People. :)
: We were released from the hospital yesterday (Monday 4/06) evening. Had our 1st night at Home & all's well.
: I haven't been able to do much with photos. I haven't been online since last week, but had to share a couple things with you guys (& gals).
: Before I forget....Robert, way to go on the Layback Airs! Never got those myself.....nice. Sorry about your back. Hope's it's not serious. We want you skating!
: Also, Biff, So Stoked to hear YOU are back on 8 wheels again! Way to Go!
: Alright, My Son:
: Fresh Out of Dawnie's Belly:
: Ryder is BORN! April 4, 2009 301pm Pacific Time 4pounds 10 ounces, 17 1/2 inches Long
: Dawn & Ryder:
: Ryder & Mommy Dawn
: Me Cutting Ryder's Cord:
: Dr. Daddy Cuts Ryder's Cord
: Ryder Layne Cloetens:
: Ryder Layne Cloetens 90 minutes Old
: Ryder with my hand next to his head for size comparison....bear in mind I'm no giant. I'm 5'7" & about 160 lbs.(Sorry, my European friends...I can't translate those measurements into Metric.):
: Ryder Layne 90 minutes old with his Dad's Hand
: And, if you really wanna see him. Here is his only video appearance to date. As I say in clip he's about 1 hour & 10 minutes old here:
: He's Small but that's ok. Aren't just about ALL Vert Skaters "short"? I know all the ones I know are. We think he's Perfect & couldn't be more Proud.
: OK. Thanks for Humoring me. I hope to SK8 this week but...????I highly doubt I'll have a videographer though. LOL!
: You guys all Rock. Thanks again, Bernard for the Mighty Vert Forum! Vert Forum is Wise! Vert Forum is Good!
: PEACE & LOVE from a new Daddy......
: Jay
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