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How does your arm deal with riding your bike?I would have thought if your arms up for riding then skating is also on the cards,,carefuly of course.
I say go and ride a ramp and teach yourself to bail to your knees,so handy and not real risky while learning.

cheers joe

: I'm really dying to roll the bowls again! Just I'm craving to do more. I kinda feel like its a tease to roll so been trying to focus that crave to do tricks on my bike and uni as I find this is fairly safe and my skill level is less so dont need to do risky tricks. But as much fun as I'm having I want to roll with the skates. What can I do to push myself that doesnt put me at risk right now so I dont feel like I'm being teased? By that I mean I cant get the rush if I'm just carving. Even the curbs tempt me a lot as I dont know if they are risky or just fun to jump off lol. In my head I want to fly. My BMX does a good job, for some reason still want to do it on skates. ;-P
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