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Try learning pumping techniques. Find a half pipe or bowl, and go back and forth. Go up the ramp without turning around. Come down fakie and pump it as you go up, and as you go down. This will teach balance in both directions, as well as the technique of pumping, instead of "skating" while riding ramps.

This will open up much more than you can imagine. It also teaches you how to prepare for going up backwards (fakie). Start out small, and only go higher and higher when you feel up to it. Also try it in side stance. This will teach you all directions while you are in the early stages of learning, which will help expand your trick vocabulary later on, when you get better and better!


: I'm really dying to roll the bowls again! Just I'm craving to do more. I kinda feel like its a tease to roll so been trying to focus that crave to do tricks on my bike and uni as I find this is fairly safe and my skill level is less so dont need to do risky tricks. But as much fun as I'm having I want to roll with the skates. What can I do to push myself that doesnt put me at risk right now so I dont feel like I'm being teased? By that I mean I cant get the rush if I'm just carving. Even the curbs tempt me a lot as I dont know if they are risky or just fun to jump off lol. In my head I want to fly. My BMX does a good job, for some reason still want to do it on skates. ;-P
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