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: : Still not sure when insurance ends.
: ** Most big companies have automated systems to check your account. You could call it, each time, BEFORE you go try some aggressive stunts. :) Or, if they do not have an automated line, just call and ask a real live person the status of your account. I'm sure that they will be happy to tell you when it has been terminated. **

Yes but still if I broke myself today and was insured, doesnt mean tomorrow I will have it. Broken bones take months to heal, new casts, $300 ortho visits, PT. So really not wise to risk anything now honestly I think. Since I have some minor soreness at the end of the plate, will wait til Monday to see if that is of concern. If not I have to chill on rollerskates. With the bike I almost never fall, including the uni. I jump onto my feet.
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