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Vintage roller skate films
: : On last weekend, I watched two really old roller skate films. First Rollerball from 1975. Frightening! And then, on a lighter note, Charly Chaplin's "The Rink". He was quite a capable roller skater! Just imagine what he would have done in our times ...
: I have a copy of Rollerball. Fantastic science fiction. It is more of a social study. Frighteningly, it appears that we are headed the way that movie predicts.

Indeed. Soccer, Bicycling, the Olympics, ... The parallels are striking.

: Big companies are taking over the world, and the governments of the world. Take a page out of Isaaic Asimov's Psychohistory and voila! 'Rollerball'

Yes, we have allowed economy to take first seat. Economy should be there to serve the people. Instead it is the other way round. But I think we still have some way to go till there are only six mega companies left.
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