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Vintage roller skate films
: : On last weekend, I watched two really old roller skate films. First Rollerball from 1975. Frightening! And then, on a lighter note, Charly Chaplin's "The Rink". He was quite a capable roller skater! Just imagine what he would have done in our times ...
: I have a copy of Rollerball. Fantastic science fiction. It is more of a social study. Frighteningly, it appears that we are headed the way that movie predicts. Big companies are taking over the world, and the governments of the world. Take a page out of Isaaic Asimov's Psychohistory and voila! 'Rollerball'

Biff, Biff, Biff!
The more I learn about you, the more I LIKE you! Asimov, huh? A student of Hari Seldon are you? LOL! We're nerds, my friend....but that's ok. I think it's currently cool to be a nerd.
Hope you're gonna make it to RollerCon, Bro. It's going to be a Blast!
Oh & I too, vastly prefer, the Original.
Have a great weekend!
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