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biffsk8er (videos by biffsk8er) (pictures by biffsk8er)
Hijacking thread....
: Biff, Biff, Biff!
Ye? Yes? Yes?

: The more I learn about you, the more I LIKE you!
Thanks! Same goes for you. (remember though, I like girls....ahem)

: Asimov, huh?
YEP! Loooooooooove to read his works.

: A student of Hari Seldon are you? LOL!

: We're nerds, my friend....but that's ok.
HEY! Speak for yourself. I'm just Coolistically challenged.

: I think it's currently cool to be a nerd.
I can see why YOU might think that. :P~

: Hope you're gonna make it to RollerCon, Bro. It's going to be a Blast!
Me too!!! I can't wait!!

: Oh & I too, vastly prefer, the Original.
Smart man.

: Have a great weekend!
Will do. Tell Dawn I wish her the best Mother's Day ever! And take care of that growing family!

: PEACE.......................Jay
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