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Aggressive Roller skates
Contact for K2 toecaps: I will get that for you soon.

How wide are the Sure-Grip Supreme Rollers mounted on a Sure- Grip Super X plate? I find that the jump bars don't slide especially well. I had some made from stainless steel, which slide well, but he didn't do a very good job on them... sloppy, rough cuts and holes. I ended up not using them because they made my trucks misaligned. I have only one jump bar now. My old setup had longer kingpins that could accomodate up to 3 bars, but when grinding the trucks 50-50 the kingpins got in the way, they were too tall. Using one bar requires bending them back straight after every skate session, so yes, they die quick. It's tough with small feet, not enough space between trucks to mount sliders on the boot bottoms.
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