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lee e (pictures by lee e)
jump brs
gee this may b hard to explain...

take board sliders and cut them into two pieces.

the piece that goes next to the plate has to be a bit shorter than the piece that goes next to the jmp bar.

the piece that will be under the jump bar should be longer and run the length of the jump bar.

center the shorter piece in the milddle of the longer piece.

glue the two pieces togehter.

the difference in length should only be enough to use thin stips of duct tape or zip ties to secure the longer slider to the jump bar.

put the two guled pieces unger the jump bar.

long peice flush with bar, shorter piece flush with plate.

take zip tie or thin stip of duct take and wrap around jmp bar and the longer part of the longer slider.

make sense???????
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