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Fathers Day
I had a great Fathers day. How about the rest of you big galoots?

I went to Houston this weekend to be at my old skate groups' 30th reunion. I was one of maybe 4 people who donned skates the entire time!! We did our group picture, as we always used to do, and there were canes, wheelchairs, knee braces, etc..everywhere! Here is an old photo (linked) from about 1984 (mislabeled as 1981)

After we took the photo, I skated down those stairs backwards. First time I ever tried it and it worked great!

Today, we went to the Houston Skate Park. It was so hot!!! However, I was extremely pleased to land a backflip off a little 2 foot kicker, and a barani out of the 12 foot bowl and onto the deck.
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