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Fathers Day
: : 1st: HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!! I know it's late,but I just got back from Awesome overnight trip to the Golden Nugget where we kicked it at their Killer Pool with a waterslide through a 200,000 Gallon Shark Tank. It rocked. Hope everyone else enjoyed their Father's Day as well.
: : 2nd: I know I'll sound like a complete moron for asking, but I have to. What's a Barani? I'm guessing like a twisting flip of some kind??
: : 3rd: Only 5 weeks & Change til RollerCon SK8 Park Tour!!!
: : I'm So Stoked.
: : PEACE...Jay
: A barani is a flip with a half twist.
: Are you telling me that the water slide actually goes THROUGH a shark tank?!!?!? That is freakin' awesome! I would imagine the sharks thought you were chum. I wonder if the sharks have ever run into the slide trying to get at that fast moving "chum"? lol.
: I'm ready for Las Vegas. Rollercon madness is upon us!
: Cheers!
: Biff

Thanks for Schooling me on the Barani.
Yes, the Slide goes through the Sharktank. Check out their pool here: It's pretty cool. I actually saw it last week on the Travel Channel's 'Most Extreme Pools in America' show. It was actually number 1. Even took my boy in. The pool, not the slide...or shark tank!
Speaking of my boy AND being ready for RollerCon, check this out:
Ryder in 2008/Daddy RC Onesie Close-Up

Last year's official RC SK8 Park Tour Shirt in miniature. :)
Best to The Fam. Can't wait to meet you in RL!

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