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Fathers Day
: : 1st: HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!! I know it's late,but I just got back from Awesome overnight trip to the Golden Nugget where we kicked it at their Killer Pool with a waterslide through a 200,000 Gallon Shark Tank. It rocked. Hope everyone else enjoyed their Father's Day as well.
: : 2nd: I know I'll sound like a complete moron for asking, but I have to. What's a Barani? I'm guessing like a twisting flip of some kind??
: : 3rd: Only 5 weeks & Change til RollerCon SK8 Park Tour!!!
: : I'm So Stoked.
: : PEACE...Jay
: A barani is a flip with a half twist.
: Are you telling me that the water slide actually goes THROUGH a shark tank?!!?!? That is freakin' awesome! I would imagine the sharks thought you were chum. I wonder if the sharks have ever run into the slide trying to get at that fast moving "chum"? lol.
: I'm ready for Las Vegas. Rollercon madness is upon us!
: Cheers!
: Biff

is that a "Flare" in BMX vert? cool... bust a move, it's Hammer-time...
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